AdleRac ®

AdleRac ® is the longest standing Cabinet manufacturing Plant in South Africa and offers a wider range of superior products and services, from 19" Modem Racks and Structured Cabling Solutions, to a range of products that complete your full IT Network Infrastructure

The basic structure of the AdleRac ® Design is based on a tried and proven European design and modified to be more functional and user friendly. The adaptive design changes were made through careful research by our own Technical Department to suit most Electronic and Data Transmission applications.

The large range of available options and accessories gives the AdleRac ® design almost limitless variations in design and configuration. In addition to technical detail and ongoing development the aesthetics of the AdleRac ® design are unmatched in the South African market.

With our technical expertise in the field, we are able to assist clients with any Custom Racking Solution. In this way we are able to meet our customers specifications efficiently and effectively.

Each manufactured component is tested on our computerized test jigs and leaves the factory with a test proof. In conclusion all of this, along with the full backing and resources of the holding company, makes AdleRac ® one of South Africa's leaders in Modern Racking Systems.

Products :

•Data Centre Solutions
•Racking Solutions
•Fibre Optic Solutions
•Structured Cabling Solutions
•Testers & Tools
•Networking Solutions

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