AdlerKabel ®

AdlerKabel ® manufactures a comprehensive range of copper cables to cater for the Telecommunication and Industrial market sectors.

Falcon Electronics ® has always been a legacy cable supplier therefore the transition from Distributor to Manufacturer was a natural form of progress.

AdlerKabel ® was established to manufacture solely for the consumption of Falcon Electronics ®. As the factory grew and the production demand increased it became apparent that AdlerKabel ® was ready for prime time.

The product line was initially conservative and the factory concentrated on producing a quality product for the industrial market. The product offering started with Indoor Telephone Cable, Computer Mylar Cable, Braided Computer Cable, Comms Cable and Panel Wire.

With time the factory's reputation grew and so did the product variety. Quality remained the constant throughout the transition. The product range extended to Fire Alarm Cable, Instrumentation & Control Cable.

Products :

•Indoor Telephone Cables
•Process Control Cables.
•Panel Wire
•Fire Alarm Cables
•Instrumentation Cables
•Data Cables

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